Sarah’s placement in Elma-Koti

By Sarah Torrence: Nursing student from the UK

My time at Elma-Koti has been a really amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to improve my clinical skills, the skills I have achieved will support me throughout my nursing career.

All staff/ residents were so helpful, caring and made me feel so welcome throughout my time at Elma-Koti. I also enjoyed been involved in different activities such as the Halloween party. This gave me good understanding of the Finnish culture and traditions.

Kaisu has been such a great mentor – very friendly, kind and welcoming person. I would just like to thank Kaisu so much for her time and effort: you have made my experience unforgettable.

Finally, I would like thank Outi for giving me the opportunity to experience such a wonderful place, it has been amazing. I look forward to returning to Elma-Koti in the future. Kiitos!